GOBINDASSHOP is an online shop of the mother company Govinda’s Trading Circles launched an e-commerce website www.gobindasshop.se to serve consumers worldwide. 

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Is to present the identity, features, and qualities of our products to customers through our website as well as social media like business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp pages. 


We import high-quality electronic accessories and devices, various clothes, botics, and jewelry, etc. Most of our suppliers of electronics products are from China and India.  Since, clothing from Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal are very popular throughout the world so most of our ready and unready garments, botics and jewellery, etc. product suppliers are from the mentioned country.  Electronic devices include computers, laptops, pump tops, tabs, smartphones, mobile phones, etc.  We sell computer accessories like Monito, Keyboard, mouse, printer, motherboard, processor, hard disk, RAM, speakers, etc, smartphones like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, one plus, and Motorola, etc. and mobile phone accessories like chargers, batteries, headphones, earphones, power banks, screen protectors, mobile covers, selfie sticks, mobile phone cleaners, connectors, and plastic rain cover waterproof pouches, etc.  For ladies, Sharee, blouses, Kurtis, dupattas, tops, gowns, salwar suits, palazzo suits, shirts, T-shirts, pants, winter jackets, etc., and for men, Panjabi, winter jackets, sweaters, Balzer, suits, shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, belts, shoes, socks, ties, wallets, etc. are available. We have a special collection for couples and babies like couple dresses, party dresses, children’s dresses, and baby dresses.  Currently, we are selling online through our website and home delivery via courier companies.  We have plans to have physical shops in different countries having Sweden as a central shop for providing better services to customers.